The Support Division at the Grant County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for Courthouse and County Complex Security, court security, transporting inmates to and from court, to and from prisons and other jurisdictions including out of state extraditions. This division also includes Communications, commonly referred to as dispatch, and all clerk’s, records and secretarial positions within the department.

The Support Division has one full time deputy assigned to serving civil process papers, 11 full time dispatchers, including one dispatch supervisor and one IDAC’S and NCIC Coordinator. There are two part-time dispatchers who work on an “as needed” basis. There are five clerks, records and secretarial positions in the Support Division. These positions take care of all Sheriff sales, tax warrants, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, civil process, warrants, writs, civil attachments, summons and subpoenas. There are eight deputies, including one supervisor, assigned to the Courthouse/Complex Security detail. These deputies work closely with the Judges, Courts, Clerk of the Courts and Prosecutor’s Office on a daily basis to make the Courthouse and Complex a safe working environment for county employees and a safe place for citizens to visit.